Our Story

About Nomadic Splendor
Based in NYC, Nomadic Splendor is a source for beautiful objects made in Mongolia, steeped in nomadic pragmatism and succinct design. Our first line of products features roomy, featherweight bags and clutches. Each Nomadic Splendor bag is exquisite to the touch, stitched with our signature teal thread and is handcrafted in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The buttery soft goatskin and calfskin leather is sourced from local suppliers. 

Why We Started
Bashō, the master of haiku, once wrote, “Every day is a journey and the journey itself is my home.” For nomads, home is not a permanent physical base: home is created through the act of roaming and exploration. Home is impermanence; the only constant are the objects that we carry. 

Many of the objects I carry are like breadcrumbs on my trail back to my Motherland, which I left when I was 17 to explore the world. Each year I went to Mongolia to recharge my soul, I would design a bag or a dress or a piece of jewelry and get it made by local craftsmen. Each piece was juxtaposed with Mongolian roots and my own modern aesthetic. And each piece was noticed by my stylish New Yorker friends and coworkers. Thus, the idea of creating access to things that embody the splendor of my country, interwoven with modern design, was born.  

About the Founder/Designer
Nomadic Splendor is founded by Sunya Ganbold. A Mongolia native, Ms. Ganbold is a true nomad—raised in both Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and Moscow, Russia, she was educated in Mongolia, the UK, China and the United States. In addition to nurturing her passion project, Nomadic Splendor, she also works at a digital agency in New York City helping clients across luxury, fashion and financial services industries expand their digital presence.