New Limited-Edition Gobi Totes

Behind the Inspiration

Nomadic Splendor presents its limited-edition modern patchwork totes in Fuchsia/Grey & Black/Brown. The design is inspired by modern art, and specifically, by one of the first known Mongolian cubist painting, "Ekhiin Tsagaan Setgel" ("Mother’s Pure Soul") by O. Tsevegjav. Equally inspired by patchwork quilting, these limited-edition totes are both modern and practical. And as with all  Nomadic Splendor totes, these bags are featherweight, roomy and—with their reinforced, double-sided bottom—durable. 

The art piece behind this collection's main inspiration, "Mother’s Pure Soul" from 1968, was one of the first well-known paintings that wasn’t done in the style of Realism, which was strongly encouraged (and sometimes strongly enforced) by the communist government at that time. 

Stripped to its essential elements, it is a simple composition: a white square amidst mountains. Yet, the concept to which it pays homage is simply beautiful. And it is this exquisite simplicity with bottomless depth that served as inspiration for this collection.

Staying true to Nomadic Splendor’s design philosophy of infusing Mongolian elements with modern and global design, layered in are Bauhaus, Pop Art, Geomtreic Abstraction and quilting as other influences to create these limited-edition Gobi Shopper Totes.

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